Olsen Financial Technologies is the provider of one of the world’s largest databases of tick-by-tick prices for financial institutions and researchers alike.
Our goal is to provide clients with the highest quality; filtered, financial data and related technology including high-frequency data for fx, futures, interest rates and other markets.

Olsen Financial Technologies was established in 2004 as an extension of the experience amassed by Olsen Ltd since 1985. The OFT teams are based in Zurich and Mumbai and offer comprehensive software tools to filter, store and analyze market data.

Olsen Financial Technologies currently collects information from different live market data sources which is stored in a proprietary repository. This information is then formatted into data that is later distributed to all our customers around the globe. This data ranges from historical data to real-time data along with routine updates.


Our Clients :-

Data Order

Data is delivered within two business days for payments by wire transfer and for credit card payments.